All the land comprising Paradise Park is legally and beneficially owned by Paradise Park Limited, a Jamaican company. That company has full power to transfer the land. The land is registered in ten certificates of title, registered with the Registrar of Titles under the Registration of Titles Act. There are no mortgages or other legal or equitable liens on the titles.

The transfer of land in Jamaica is under the Registration of Titles Act. Taxes and fees applicable to the sale of land in Jamaica total 11%, of which 2.5% is ordinarily paid by the purchaser.

Development of Paradise Park would, notably, be subject to approval by the Westmoreland Parish Council and the National Environmental Protection Agency. Parts of the property are currently zoned for agricultural use, so permission for a change of use would have to be obtained.

Today, Paradise Park is a well known tourist attraction offering horseback riding, and a riverside park. The property is one of the last and most desirable large seafront properties available in Jamaica, boasting a pristine 2,230 foot long white sand beach, and land suitable for development as a first class tourist resort.

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