Surrounding Area

Paradise Park is located on the South Coast of Jamaica, approximately 25 miles from Montego Bay. Paradise is located on historical Bluefields Bay, a beautiful bay boasting several elegant and exclusive private homes.

Negril, a famous tourist destination on the western end of Jamaica, is 18 miles to the west of Paradise. Negril extends from the nineteenth-century Negril Lighthouse to the South, with its dramatic rugged cliffs, to a 7 mile, pristine white sand beach stretching to the North. Negril boasts almost 5,000 hotel rooms and an 18 hole golf course. Negril had 342,000 stopover visitor during calendar year in 2007. Hotels in Negril include the Spanish Riu chain (two hotels totaling almost 900 rooms), Sandals Negril (approximately 250 rooms), Couples Negril (234 rooms), Couples Swept Away (312 rooms) and Beaches Negril (210 rooms).

Sandals Whitehouse Hotel is located 20 minutes to the east of Paradise Park, also on the south coast. It is a 360 room hotel operated by the Sandals group. Guests of the hotel are transported to and from the Montego Bay International Airport by bus, passing by Paradise Park.

YS Falls is a set of 7 tropical waterfalls, surrounded by lush, tropical forest. YS is located 45 minutes to the east of Paradise Park. YS is considered one of Jamaica’s most unique and beautiful tourist attractions. Visitors can swim in the falls, raft in the river, and experience a breathtaking canopy tour over the river.

The famous Black River, Jamaica’s longest and most scenic river, is located 45 minutes to the east of Paradise. From the mouth of the river, river safari tours take visitors deep into the hinterlands, where Jamaica’s tropical beauty is at its best, and where birds, fish, crocodiles and other wildlife are abundant. The town of Black River has been slated for development as a “heritage theme town”, in a project to be funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Global Environment Facility.

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